About me

I was asked what message would you like to share with the world?

My purpose is to create peace, healing, joy and harmony in our Universe by raising my vibration and to live a life of gratitude with love. As I shine the light for my brothers and sisters we can all raise our vibration and that of the planet for the highest good for all. As I transform and increase my vibration it ripples out and affects all beings and our earth. Lets vibrate at love @528 hz.

“Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World” is a powerful book of stories from 45 amazing woman all over the globe. I am deeply honoured to be included in their company as a co-author of this book. My chapter is called, “Living in Love @ 528HZ” and its dedicated in loving memory of my brother John (JR) Pitt.

My why

To raise the vibration of the planet and help this earth and all its beings heal themselves and become the best version of themselves they can be. We are like minded souls; spiritual beings having an earthly experience. We are here to learn how to be our best selves and to develop our souls and move forward in our evolution.

As I do this work my vibration changes and these higher frequencies ripple out into the universe and create positive change. As I change I am able to change the vibration of my home, my workplace, my island, and even the planet and my purpose is being fulfilled. For this I am responsible. My purpose I have discovered is to help be that shining light standing next to my brothers and sisters of light walking with them out of the darkness and holding the light as they make those brave steps to raise their vibration and consciousness. Letting their light and higher frequencies ripple out into the universe and create positive change. As my dear teacher Patricia Hayes always says, “we are many yet we are one”.

25 years ago my spiritual journey began on a metaphysical level with training as a reiki healer and then Reiki Master and teacher. I then began my studies at Delphi University with all things metaphysical and after that moved into their transpersonal psychology school where I became a Rohun Doctorate Intern. These studies focused on my mental and emotional bodies. After graduating from Delphi in 2015 I spent several years integrating what I learned into my life, all the while life was happening getting married, raising my family and working through the grief process of the untimely passing of my one and only younger brother. In about 2018 I started searching for the piece of the puzzle that felt missing and in 2019 I found that missing piece in Integral Coaching Canada (ICC). As the pandemic arrived I decided the best plan for me was to focus on myself and the things I could control which was my development. With the support of my husband and Mother I am embarked on my new journey. I knew that if this new way of being of developing could help me and others then it was worth it. ICC fulfilled that desire more than I had ever dreamt possible. Studying to become an Associate Coach, then Professional Coach and now being certified as a Master Integral Coachâ„¢ has forever changed me and the trajectory of my life. For that I am truly grateful. During my ICC journey I realised it was time to focus on my physical health and wellbeing as I have spent so much time on my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies’ development it was important to me to bring my physical body into alignment. I have began that balancing process and I am so energised and excited about life and the possibilities. I truly feel as though I am bringing my whole self into harmony and raising its vibration.

I am grateful to ICC’s founders, to Ken Wilbur, my teachers, colleagues and to the clients who have travelled the journey with me. Thank you. Without you this would all not be possible. And last but absolutely not least my family and husband who have supported me every step of the way. Countless hours missed from their lives to become a better Mom and wife. Now it’s my honour and privilege to share it with them, to be in better relationships and serve humanity from a new place.

Thank you to all my teachers seen and unseen, to my guides and guardians and most of all my higher power.

I trust and let go and wish you peace beyond all understanding.